Marlene Gallegos is a Communication Design and Art History student at Texas State University. Crazy right? What a peculiar combination. She is very fond of both majors and attempts to bridge both in someway. Marlene strongly believes that they go hand in hand and they compliment each other. The analytic and critical thinking helps her dissect a project throughly and theoretically. She is very conceptual and detailed driven—everything should have a reason even the smallest thing. There is an importance to history that many people do not realize. By understanding history one can understand the present. Art in itself reflects our world and design celebrates it.

Fun facts about Marlene:

  • Her first pet was a chicken.

  • She is a Star Wars fanatic and Chewie is her love of her life (seriously).

  • Visiting art museums is her favorite activity to do.

  • She can quote the Hobbit Trilogy films by heart.

  • Cheesy jokes and burgers makes her happy.